Shard: Vision and Values

Our vision is to become one of the UK’s leading providers of construction consultancy and project management services

Our Values

We have a desire, as well as an obligation, to behave in a responsible and ethical manner in every endeavour. Our commitment to health and safety, quality, sustainability and environment, ethics and customer service is at the heart of our business.

We want to inspire individuals and organisations to work more effectively and efficiently and create greater opportunities and choice in the workplace, for the benefit of all concerned.

We want to maintain a forward thinking culture that embraces and cultivates the best solutions for the built environment. Through training and mentoring and offering practical advice, we offer our personnel the opportunity to continually develop, whilst our clients enjoy the rewards of motivated, skilled, professional people.

We are totally committed to encouraging individual development in our colleagues, clients and suppliers.

We want to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients, the industries where we operate and one another. We aim to do this by working in accordance with our core values;

  • Be customer focused
  • To work with passion and professionalism
  • To work with honesty and integrity
  • To be responsible
  • To innovate
  • To work safely
  • To show respect to the people we deal with
  • To promote best working practices
  • Maintain communication between our clients and between partners in an honest and appropriate way
  • To promote ethical and environmentally friendly attitudes in the way and how we work
  • To challenge, communicate and control our aspirations and success


We aim to achieve growth by building up our business in a measured, sustainable way by seeking new opportunities within our chosen fields and carefully choosing our project partners. We will always maintain a diligent approach in assessing risk, profitability and the viability of any new scheme and project.

Building sustainable relationships with our clients will be the key to achieving this growth and we understand that through constantly focusing on excellent customer service and delivering on our promises will galvanise these relationships.

We intend to invest where necessary to make sure we are operating with the best skills, equipment and commitment to ensure our effectiveness to deliver. This may in the future mean new acquisitions or entering new markets but in any case will involve extensive due diligence, planning and performance monitoring.

Build-ability: We want to deliver projects that exceed our client’s expectations. By investigating new techniques and processes we aim for greater efficiency and productivity. We also want to work closely with our clients to offer greater assurance over cost and deliverability, exploring value engineering and project planning efficiencies whenever possible.

Sustainability: We aim to deliver projects that are sustainable for whole communities and that provide opportunities for growth, employment, prosperity, education and development as well as the use of local materials, labour and resources whenever possible.

Profitability: Every project must be run in a profitable way. This includes proper financial control by Warren Build but also asking our clients and partners to behave in a fair and ethical manner. Loss making projects harm the business, our reputation and the ability to deliver. Cost control monitoring and reporting happens frequently on any project (pre, during and post project) to ensure company compliance with this aim.

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